Post Street Bridge Survey and City Planning Speaker Joe Minicozzi

Post Street Bridge Survey and City Planning Speaker Joe Minicozzi

The City of Spokane is seeking input from the public regarding the replacement of the Post Street Bridge. View the current construction options and take a survey on the City’s website.

The City would like public input on how to accommodate vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians on the 51 ft. wide bridge deck. This includes one vehicular travel lane northbound, pedestrian and bicycle routes as well as accommodating the Centennial Trail.

Spokane Regional Transportation Council is hosting Joe Minicozzi, a popular speaker on effective city planning.

In a free session that is open to the public, Mr. Minicozzi will talk about planning walkable urban developments, changing the perception of biking and walking as being “alternative” transportation, the value of buildings versus the value of parking lots, and growth strategies that can reduce transportation costs while boosting tax revenues.

Minicozzi’s experience in public and private sector city planning, as well as private sector real estate finance, has helped him develop award-winning analytic tools that have been nationally recognized.

When: Thursday, Sept. 13, 6 p.m.
Where: Greater Spokane Incorporated, 801 W. Riverside Ave., Suite 100, Spokane, WA 99201
Who: Everyone is welcome!
Price: FREE!
More Info: or 509-343-6370

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