Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting

Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting

EGNC community, we don’t currently have a Safety Representative, but if someone is interested in that role and would like to attend the next Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting, here’s some information around that. Shared on behalf of Tyler Tamoush:

Hello all,

This is just a friendly reminder that the CA Neighborhood Safety Committee will NOT be meeting on our regularly scheduled evening of Wednesday, April 24th but instead we will be meeting on Tuesday, April 30th at The Hive – 2904 E Sprague in Studio E from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. We will have the room open at 5:00pm so feel free to arrive early if you wish. You can find Studio E by walking through the main entrance, take a right, and the studio will be to your right at the end of the hallway. 

The reason for this change is because we will be participating as a committee, in person, for the virtual Public Safety Feedback Session for recommendations on the search for the new Police Chief. While the session is virtual on the city’s end, we as a committee felt it would be a good opportunity to participate as a CA Committee to provide feedback together. We will send out one more reminder on Tuesday in hopes there is no remaining confusion to the meeting date. I hope to see as many there as possible as this is a topic that can affect the entire community for both safety and equity. Stay safe and have a great weekend. 

Tyler Tamoush
Minnehaha CA Representative
Chair, CA Neighborhood Safety Committee
Secretary, CA Budget Committee
Student of Communications, Eastern Washington University

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