Transitions Community Meeting (Nov 10)

Transitions Community Meeting (Nov 10)

Transitions is holding a community meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, November 10) between 6:30 and 7:30pm at the Transitional Living Center.

The community meeting is designed to answer questions from members of the Audubon-Downriver Neighborhood and the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood in regards to a potential housing project on the empty two acres located at the south side of the property at 3128 N Hemlock. It’s also intended for neighbors’ concerns to be heard and noted by Transitions.


The Office of Neighborhood Services will be moderating the meeting. They’re reserved roughly 15 minutes for background on the project and the progress thus far. The remaining 45 minutes will focus on input from members of the neighborhoods. As basic guidelines to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, the organizers have suggested that no one speak twice before everyone has had a chance, and that no one speak longer than five minutes at any one time.

If you have any questions about the meeting please contact Melissa Wittstruck of the Office of Neighborhood Services at or 625-6087.

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