Spring Cleanup 2018 Recap

Spring Cleanup 2018 Recap

Thanks to everyone who participated in Spring Cleanup 2018!

This continues to be one of Emerson-Garfield’s most popular one-day events. This year, more than 200 residents participated from addresses all over the neighborhood.



Here’s the recap from the Spring Cleanup organizer, Karl Boldt:

This was our tenth roll-off event. We had great weather all day long, with highs in the mid-70s and mostly sunny skies.

The trucks arrived with the containers at 7:10am and had most all in place by 8:15am. The volunteers were there by 8am and vehicles were lining up by about 8:10am. The Dept. of Corrections crew arrived at 9 and stayed longer than planned until the last vehicle was unloaded. We started unloading vehicles about 8:30, closed the line at 12:30pm and finished unloading the last vehicle around 1:15 due to waiting for empty containers to return.

  • We moved 22.3 tons of refuse and filled 11 roll-off containers.
  • We moved 4.19 tons of clean green, using one container.
  • We recycled 5,460 lbs of metal, filling two 20-yard containers.

We even had a few groups cleaning up areas that did not belong to them, some alleys and lots, etc. The line was steady for the whole event with wait times up to about 45 minutes at times as we waited for full containers to be replaced. The traffic flow works well and we had no injuries.

Faith Bible Church continues to be a big help and provided about half of our volunteers, including 2 pick-ups that went to 8 residents who had requested help. They also help with unloading and providing coffee and snacks to those waiting in line. Plus they provided a pizza feed afterwards, which was enjoyed by all.

Next year we would like to add one more metal recycle container.

If you missed Spring Cleanup or still have refuse to dispose of, don’t panic.

Fifteen dump passes with a value of $20 each will be available from the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market on its first Friday of every month. Please note that the market’s first Friday in June (the Season Opener) is on June 8, not June 1. Emerson-Garfield residents can claim their dump passes from the market info booth with valid ID (e.g., license, utility bill) after 3pm. The market runs until September 28 this year.

We look forward to seeing you at Spring Cleanup next year!

And if you’re grateful for this opportunity the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council provides, please consider volunteering for Spring Cleanup or one of our many other events. It’s great to have people make use of these events, but we also need people to make them happen.

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