Spokane Community Land Trust Open House, July 17

Spokane Community Land Trust Open House, July 17

SLCT logoThe Spokane Community Land Trust (SCLT) is a new nonprofit organization focused on providing affordable home ownership opportunities to low- and moderate-income households in the Spokane area.

Community land trusts enable affordable home ownership by separating the ownership of the land from the ownership of the house. The land is placed in a trust, making home buyers responsible only for the cost of the structure. CLT home buyers lease the land from the nonprofit for a modest fee.

The SLCT is holding an open house on Wednesday, July 17 from 4:30 to 5:30pm in Meeting Room 1B at the Downtown Branch of the Spokane Library [map] so that people to learn more about how a land trust model can help people in our community successfully transition from renter to homeowner. Home ownership helps families build equity, strengthens neighborhoods and can provide needed stability for individuals and families.

The organization’s board and staff will be at the open house to share information on how a land trust works, why one is needed in Spokane and how this model has worked well in the Northwest and around the country. Lemonade, cookies and good company will be available.

If you cannot attend the event but would like to learn more about the Spokane Community Land Trust and the land trust model, please e-mail the SLCT or give Tim Williams a call at (509) 279-2351.

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