Farmers’ Market Vendor Lineup

Farmers’ Market Vendor Lineup

On Friday we sent confirmation e-mails to the vendors and food trucks who had applied to be part of the first-ever Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market. Here are the ones you can expect to see each week at the market this season:

Farmers' Market BingoPlease visit their websites and check them out on Facebook!

Keep in mind that this is by no means the definitive list. We’re awaiting signed applications from a few more vendors and food trucks, and there are also day vendors who will be appearing intermittently. To add some promotional suspense, we’ll keep those day vendors a surprise until the week before they’re scheduled to attend.

However, we are still trying to recruit some specialist food trucks (especially tacos and BBQ) for our rotating lineup. If you’re interested, please download an application here — and if you have a favorite food truck, urge them to take part. We’re not looking for any more full-season trucks, just some to be part of a round robin schedule to mix things up a bit.

One of the things we’re especially proud of is the fact that five of the fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen vendors listed above are located within Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood. So not only will the market give Emerson-Garfield residents access to fresh, local food, it will also help bring some much-deserved attention to these Emerson-Garfield businesses.

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