E-G Neighborhood Plan Presentation (Tonight, Jun 12)

E-G Neighborhood Plan Presentation (Tonight, Jun 12)

This is a short day-of reminder that the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Planning Group will present its final neighborhood plan tonight (June 12) starting at 6:30 at Knox Presbyterian (806 W Knox).

The plan has been developed over the better part of two years by a group of dedicated volunteer stakeholders with the assistance of AHBL and the City Planning department. It lays the groundwork for the future of Emerson-Garfield — things like pedestrian safety, business viability, beautification, neighborhood vitality, transportation and more.

March_EGNP_Draft_coverWho is this presentation for? Everyone in E-G. The issues and solutions it lays out will positively affect homeowners, renters, businesses, landlords, churches, charities, schools, realtors, developers and anyone else who has or will have a stake in our neighborhood. If that’s you, then make it a point to attend.

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