City to Hold an Open House on North Monroe Corridor Project 1/26/17

City to Hold an Open House on North Monroe Corridor Project 1/26/17

The City of Spokane is seeking input from citizens on the elements of a project to improve North Monroe Street that’s planned for construction in 2018. The project runs from just north of Indiana to Kiernan near the top of the Garland hill.

A public open house is scheduled on the project on Thursday, January 26 from 4 to 7 pm at Knox Presbyterian Church (806 W Knox).

A citizens advisory board met for about six months in 2016 to refine the project, which is designed to create a more livable community that serves all users of the street—from business and property owners to pedestrians and neighborhood residents to motorists and transit users.

“This project is about balancing four considerations—safety, traffic needs, business health, and neighborhood health,” says Scott Simmons, the City’s Public Works & Utilities Division Director. “This corridor has long been identified for revitalization, and this project will serve multiple transportation needs while providing for economic health, neighborhood beautification, and safety.”

The project includes a reconfiguration of the street to two travel lanes with a center turn lane, down from four tight travel lanes and a narrow center lane today from about Shannon to Cora. The project also will include curb bumpouts at intersections that reduce pedestrian crossing distances, enhanced crossings at three locations with flashing yellow beacons, pedestrian lighting, and a climbing lane on the hill. The current tight on-street parking will be widened for easier use and spaces will be added.  Sidewalks will be widened.

In addition to the open house, the City is developing an online feedback tool that describes the various elements of the project, and then provides a survey for citizens to fill out. The online tool is expected to be launched about a week prior to the public meeting.  More information on the project is found on the City’s web site.

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