Volunteer Opportunity – Help Build Spokane’s Pop-Up Cycle Track!

Volunteer Opportunity – Help Build Spokane’s Pop-Up Cycle Track!

The City of Spokane will install a temporary two-way cycle track, or protected bike lane, on Spokane Falls Boulevard. This popup pilot will test a cycle track as a protected bikeway that supports people of all ages and abilities. It will be installed on Saturday, Sept 28th and removed on the following Saturday, Oct 5th.  They need your help if this is to be successful!

They are looking for people willing to help stripe and install the temporary barriers, direct cyclists, survey users, and take down the material at the end of the pilot. They are also looking for artists who are interested in creating stencils and/or other art to beautify the project.

They have 2 primary goals:

  1. Connect the North Landing of the Gateway Bridge to the Cincinnati Greenway
  2. Test a two-way cycle track in Spokane to see how it works for our cyclists and drivers.

If this project is successful, they hope to continue using popup infrastructure as a way to demonstrate new and innovative ways to strengthen our cycling network.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please sign up here.  Sign your name in the time slot(s) of your choice on the first sheet AND add your contact information on the second sheet.

Additional Details

  • Is Family Friendly
  • Is Outdoors
  • Inclement Weather Plan: You will be notified if this event will be affected by inclement weather.
  • This event requires additional sign-up

Facebook event page

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