Traffic-Calming Orientation Tonight (Dec 16)

Traffic-Calming Orientation Tonight (Dec 16)

Apologies for the short notice (our neighborhood council is still waiting on being paired with a Web intern to help us post in a more timely fashion), but there’s a traffic-calming orientation tonight, December 16, from 5:30-7pm at City Hall [map].

Traffic calming is a frequent topic at neighborhood council meetings across Spokane. This 90-minute session will bring you up to speed on how you can slow down traffic in your neighborhood. You’ll learn how a stretch of road might qualify for traffic-calming measures, what forms traffic calming can take (such as curb bumpouts, roundabouts, or street trees), and what steps are necessary to get those improvements installed.

Traffic Calming OrientationThe meeting takes place in the Council Briefing Center, which is located on the lower level of City Hall, and is hosted by the Office of Neighborhood Services. Anyone with an interest in the topic is welcome to attend.


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