Results of Traffic-Calming Votes

Results of Traffic-Calming Votes

In response to the neighborhood council’s call for traffic-calming proposals, two arterial and three residential proposals were submitted by neighborhood residents.

25 MPH speed limit signArterial:

A. Traffic from Monroe uses Lincoln for alternate arterial. With McDonald’s on the corner, there is additional traffic from that. Too many cars are going too fast and not slowing down for the intersections. Signs like “Slow” or MPH signs would be helpful. This includes Nora and Augusta.

B. Maple/Ash Streets and Jackson. Needs a crosswalk light for pedestrians crossing the street to go to Safeway. Very dangerous frequently used crossing, especially bad during rush hour and after dark.


A. Chelan Ave off of Monroe St towards Maple/Ash is a wide street for several blocks and so people drive very fast. And it is a busy street — because of its wideness, it is has become a shortcut. There are many kids and pets who live on the street. Request speed-limit signs or something to help deter the noise and traffic.

B. Though not a terribly busy intersection, the traffic from Cora and Euclid often contends for access up the last block (steep hill) to the corner of Euclid and Division. There have been in a couple of near-misses for sure. Tends to be traffic collecting from Cora, Alice, Dalton and Euclid looking for quick access to Division.

C. Cora and Alice between Post and Division. Used as a cut-through at high speeds. Children and church attendees are endangered. Speed-limit sign or “Children at Play” sign is requested.


Earlier this month, the voting members of the neighborhood council conducted an e-mail vote (due to the tight deadline) on the traffic-calming proposals that were submitted. Option B from the Arterial section collected the most votes. Of the Residential proposals, option B won out, but due to its similarity and close number of votes to C, they were combined.

At last night’s neighborhood council meeting, it was decided that option B of the Arterials (i.e., a crosswalk/pedestrian light on Maple/Ash and Jackson) would be the application put to the city. There were only enough resources to carry out one project, and due to our history of alternating residential and arterial projects each year (residential was the focus in 2012), it was decided to go ahead with the winning arterial proposal.

If your traffic-calming proposal wasn’t selected, please don’t be discouraged. It can take a few rounds to be successful, but the increased safety and more pleasant streets will be worth it in the end.

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