3rd District Town Hall Meetings (Mar 16)

3rd District Town Hall Meetings (Mar 16)

Washington Community Action Network has sent out an e-mail to notify residents that the 3rd District legislators (namely, State Senator Andy Billig and Reps. Marcus Riccelli and Timm Ormsby) will be returning to Spokane to hold two Town Hall Meetings on Saturday, March 16:

  • 10am to noon at Shadle Park High School Auditorium, 4327 N. Ash Street
  • 2 to 4pm at Emmanuel Family Life Center, 631 S. Richard Allen Ct

WA State Community Action Network

If you live in Emerson-Garfield (here’s a handy neighborhood map), you’re in the 3rd District.

Some issues and talking points WA CAN highlights include:

  • Since 2009, $10.5 billion in state budget cuts have torn billion-dollar-sized holes in education, healthcare and other essential services. The proposed all-cuts approach to the budget would pit funding for education against other essential community services.
  • There are over 500 special tax expenditures in WA State’s tax code that have never been reviewed. Most of them have no sunset date. Many tax expenditures are simply outdated or didn’t accomplish their goal like keeping jobs in Washington, therefore they should be subject to a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Washington is one of only 8 states that do not charge state taxes on the sale of stocks, bonds and other speculative investments. The result is that middle class families pay up to six times higher state tax rates then millionaires.

These aren’t the only important talking points, though, so bone up on some of the pressing issues and make sure your voice is heard by your legislators.

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