New Wine Dinner at Petunia’s

New Wine Dinner at Petunia’s

Coyote Canyon Tasting Room
Coyote Canyon Winery Tasting Room
Less than a month after their Valentine’s Wine Dinner, Petunia’s Marketplace is hosting a wine dinner with Coyote Canyon Winery.

Oenophiles and gourmands will be able to choose between two dates: the first on Friday, March 8 at 5pm, and the second on Saturday, March 9 at 5pm.

Coyote Canyon wines to be poured will include:

  • Life is Rose
  • Roussane
  • Primitivo
  • Tres Cruses
  • Grenache
  • Big John Cabernet

And the menu will include:

  • Chicken satays with Thai peanut sauce
  • Cioppino with mustard aioli bread
  • Roasted root vegetables with savory chocolate Napoleons
  • Rustic pork ragu with house-made pappardelle
  • Chocolate truffles and assorted cheeses

The cost for dinner is $45. Call Petunias at (509) 328-4257 to reserve your seat.

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