Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Logo Contest

Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Logo Contest

Emerson-Garfield needs a logo, and we want it designed by our own local talent.

Are you interested? Please fill out the application form (PDF link) and submit your design!

Here are the details:

  1. To be eligible, you must either live, work, or own a property or a business in Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood (see the boundaries on the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Map).
  2. The logo must include the following text: Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council (yes, there is a hyphen in there.)
  3. Additional text options — we don’t have an official slogan yet, but you are welcome to invent one if you want and add it to the logo.
  4. Use imagery and/or typeface that represents Emerson-Garfield neighborhood. At our February meeting, our attending members brainstormed about our imagery and came up with the following descriptive words: community projects, parks, trees, play sets, the boulevard building, pillars, old brick walls, middle-class, turn-of-the-century homes, historic, old-fashioned lamp posts, the old street car rail line (which used to run up Monroe from downtown to the foothills), the Northern gateway to the city, squirrels, stone lion statues, street trees, marmots, skunks, old Emerson school, businesses, people, families, 1902–1925.
  5. Size should be about 6 inches across (height or width depending on the shape of your design). Image resolution should be 300dpi.
  6. Color — design should be shown both in (1) black and white and (2) in color.
  7. Submit your entries in print quality PDF format (retain your native files until after the contest). E-mail to emerson.garfield@gmail.com by Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at midnight.

The logo entries will be printed and displayed at the March 13 meeting. The winning logo will be chosen by silent ballot vote at the meeting by the members in attendance. There will be much hoopla made about the winner, and public recognition on all our media channels.

While this is not a paid job, it is a great opportunity to build your portfolio and create a lasting mark for a nonprofit that represents your neighborhood in Spokane.

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