Neighborhood Notification Training (Dec 28)

Neighborhood Notification Training (Dec 28)

Following the passage of the Neighborhood Notification Ordinance, neighborhoods have had questions about the notifications they have received and how they are expected to respond.

To better educate and prepare neighborhoods for this responsibility, the Office of Neighborhood Services has organized a training in partnership with the Building & Developer Services Department to help neighborhood councils navigate the development notifications. The training session will be held on Monday, December 28 starting at 5:45pm in the Newton Room of the West Central Community Center (1603 N Belt).


This training will teach your neighborhood what notices you will be receiving, the process itself, and how you can be engaged in the application review and decision-making process. All neighborhood councils are strongly encouraged to attend this training!

Please RSVP to Jackie Caro at or by calling 625-6733. To confirm your attendance via the Facebook event, click here.

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