May Neighborhood Council Meeting Recap

May Neighborhood Council Meeting Recap

This is a quick recap of the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council meeting that took place on May 14, 2014. The full minutes will be posted following their approval.

Parks and Recreation Director Leroy Eadie discussed the process of development for the Riverfront Park Master Plan. The proposed improvements include:

  • A straighter walkway between the rotary fountain and Canada Island
  • Replacing the Howard Street south pedestrian bridge
  • Enclosing the Looff Carrousel in more of a “showcase” building
  • A better playground by the large Red Wagon
  • A “learn-to-play” playground on the north bank, themed around the Missoula Flood story
  • Demolition of the IMAX theater and enhancement of the pavilion as an outdoor amphitheater with light art and projections
  • An ice skating rink in the meadow near the gondola
  • A climbing wall on the north bank near the Arena
  • Improved safety through (among other things) improved lighting

He noted that only 60 events per year are currently held at Riverfront Park, but an ideal number would be 120. Much of the remodeling would be to attract more of these private events to the park. By about the third year of development, the park would ideally be financially self-sustainable.

Garret Jones of the Parks Dept. might be on hand to speak specifically about improvements to Emerson Park at the June meeting.

One of the scheduled guest speakers, Alicia Powell of the Office of Neighborhood Services, rescheduled for June so as to have time to gather more information on potential storm water projects.

Dave Braun then spoke about the Summer Parkways event on Friday, July 18 from 6 to 9pm at Corbin Park. This will have a slight overlap with the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market. The street party and cyclists would have some impact on traffic flow and the activities might extend to a couple blocks north of the park.

Help is requested for the outreach and promotion of the July 18 event, including spreading the word to businesses and organizations who might like to host a booth at the event. Dave invited a liaison from the EGNC to be in attendance at the Summer Parkways meetings, which happen once per month. Their next meeting is on Tuesday, May 20.

Eline Helm led a discussion regarding Concerts in the Park. She noted that only $320 is in the fund from last year and no money has been donated yet. A duet who is interested in performing may be hired for $250.

Given the preceding talk, it was suggested and decided to combine with the event and hold the Concert in the Park on the same evening. Additional funds collected during Spring Cleanup could help offset printing and promotional needs for the concerts.

Lisa Fuchs discussed the outcome of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) task force. It was decided that the EGNC should hold off on creating a subcommittee to deal with changes to CDBG allocation until more information is available.

Laura Schlangen reported on the Corbin Senior Center. She said they were delighted to find a former member had left them nearly $75,000 in a will.

The Spring Cleanup was reported by Karl Boldt in absentia. The EGNC made use of $6,443.19 of the $6,500 budget the city allocated to our neighborhood for this cleanup event. Eleven dumpsters were filled, 34.77 tons of trash was collected (10 more than last year), and 59 community members were added to the EGNC’s e-mail distribution list. Next year, Faith Bible Church will be hosting a pancake feed during that event.

Two final announcements: Neighborhood Planning meets on Thursday, May 15 at 6:30pm in the Corbin Senior Center to prepare for the final presentation of the plan on Thursday, June 12, 6:30 pm at Knox Presbyterian. The EGNC will also be tabling at the Garfield Elementary Culture & Community Night this Friday (May 16) from 6-8pm. A few members volunteered to staff the outreach booth.

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