Korean Food Sale (May 17)

Korean Food Sale (May 17)

It’s time for another Korean Food Sale at Spokane Hope Christian Reformed Church (스포켄 소망교회). This month it’s happening on the third weekend — that is, this Saturday, May 17 — from 11am to 2pm at the usual place (806 W Knox; aka Knox Presbyterian).

Lots of popular favorites are on the menu this time: bulgogi (Korean BBQ), jeyook-bokeum (spicy pork), gimbap (sushi), bibim-bap (an all-in-one meal), kimchi fried rice and potstickers.

Plus they’re running a bonus deal this month. Order four meals and you’ll get a fifth one for free!

Korean Food Sale - May 2014

James Shin, Pastor of the Spokane Hope CRC, has pointed out that this is more than just buying a meal. It’s a fundraising event, and all proceeds from the sale of the food help fund Spokane Hope CRC. “Your support helps our church to continue the vision to be self-sustaining to begin becoming the church that pays back to the community,” he says.

Want more info? E-mail James at shinejds@gmail.com or call him on (509) 720-9646.

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