¡Hola, Gerardo’s!

¡Hola, Gerardo’s!

A new Mexican restaurant called Gerardo’s has (finally) moved into the building on N. Monroe that once belonged to Chill Spot. Although the sign first went up in September, it took until mid-February to open. We’re just glad to see a restaurant with tasty-looking fare opening up instead of closing down.


As far as we can tell, the restaurant doesn’t have a Web presence — not even a Facebook page — so you’ll have to drop by and see things for yourself. Fortunately, they offer drive-through until 2am on most nights.

A copy of Gerardo’s menu is available here as a PDF. The burrito lineup is a solid offering of SoCal Mexican (e.g., Texano, Arizona, California, and breakfast). Not only are they inexpensive, they’re huge. Plus they’ve got some appetizing combo plates.

Call Gerardo’s at (509) 340-9905 for take-out, or just stop in at 2706 N. Monroe [map] and practice your Spanish with the friendly staff while you wait for your order.

And if you like the food at Gerardo’s, please make a point of telling others or visiting again. We can’t bear to see another N. Monroe eatery vanish. (Chill Spot, Sparky’s Firehouse Subs, Casey’s, and Andy’s Phở, we hardly knew ye. And don’t even mention the Hedge House.)

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