E-G Planning Meeting Tonight (Mar 7)

E-G Planning Meeting Tonight (Mar 7)

The Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Planning Group is meeting tonight (Thursday, March 7) at 6pm in Corbin Senior Center.

Please note that this date reflects the new meeting schedule on the first Thursday of every month. It was changed last month to accommodate more participants’ schedules.

There’s more planning-related news than usual this month because of several new or updated city- and neighborhood-level projects. Here’s a rough overview of the agenda topics:

  • Comprehensive Plan Update
  • Storm water runoff and sewers, a .5 billion dollar project for Spokane
  • City Council/Community Assembly discussion on neighborhood plans
  • CAN-PAC meeting review
  • Announcement of STA open houses for corridor upgrades

The planning group is always looking to include more participants who represent all facets of the neighborhood — so feel free to attend if you have an interest in mapping out Emerson-Garfield’s future. We hope to see you there!

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