ENUFF Crime Awareness Event, Oct 22

ENUFF Crime Awareness Event, Oct 22

Spokane COPS will be hosting an Every Neighborhood United for Families (ENUFF) crime awareness/prevention forum on Tuesday, October 22 at New Hope Christian Reform Church (3310 W Francis) [map] from 6-8pm.

This free event will address theft, vandalism and clutter in neighborhoods across Spokane and help connect individuals and organizations who are striving to increase safety in their community.

ENUFF 10/22/2013

Experts will be on hand to talk about Block Watch, current crime trends and neighbor-to-neighbor connectedness. You’ll also hear how you can play a role in realizing the Spokane Police Department Strategic Plan 2013 (PDF link).

Guest speakers and panelists include leaders in the Spokane Police Department, Spokane Police NCO Doug Strosahl, COPS director Christy Hamilton, Neighborhood Services Director Heather Trautman, Block Watch representative Sue Hille and many more.

For more info, call (509) 835-4572.

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