Meet Your Neighbors: CrossFit Dūrātus

Meet Your Neighbors: CrossFit Dūrātus

After a year of planning, six months of preparation, and a month of work in the space, CrossFit Dūrātus (1303 N Washington) [map] opened its doors in August in the Emerson-Garfield neighborhood.

Crossfit Dūrātus 5

Already enjoying a loyal following of dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts, CrossFit Dūrātus is an inspiring and growing local business, founded by Kevin Longmeier.

“What I love most about CrossFit is that it is more than just fitness. It’s a community,” says Kevin.

And fortunately for Emerson-Garfield, Kevin cares a lot about community, including the neighborhood in which his business resides. CrossFit Dūrātus joins Landie Chappell (of PrimeLending) and Washington Grown in becoming the latest sponsor of our Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market, and Kevin even generously donated the grand prize for tonight’s end-of-season drawing… a free one-month membership to CrossFit Dūrātus.

Crossfit Dūrātus 6

Even if you aren’t the lucky winner of free membership to CrossFit Dūrātus, you should certainly check out their classes or personal training options. There is something about the environment and culture Kevin has created there. It only takes a moment to see it is a community of hard workers challenging each other to reach for their best. We’re glad to have them in the neighborhood!

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