Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Clean-Up – May 18, 2019

Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Clean-Up – May 18, 2019

It’s time for our 11th Annual Spring Cleanup, where we provide a free dumpster site to Emerson-Garfield residents (ID required for proof of residency)!

When: Saturday, May 18, 9am-12pm

Where: Faith Bible Church (600 W Cora)

We are accepting:

  • clean green – bagged only
  • refuse – no food items, dry wall, concrete, or nail-embedded wood
  • recycling – any mostly metal item
  • Salvation Army accepts donations of clothing and furniture
  • old electronics accept for e-cycle

The City reserves the right to refuse to haul anything considered dangerous, hazardous, toxic, corrosive, or reactive including but not limited to items that contain Freon, fluorescent, lighting tubing, compact fluorescent light bulbs or any other mercury containing lights, and paint. Visit ecyclewashington.org for recycling information.

Free dump passes are available June, August, and September at the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market on the first Friday of each month.

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