Compost Tea Demo (July 17)

Compost Tea Demo (July 17)

This week’s Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market on Friday, July 17 has a follow-up to the popular composting demo that launched the season back in June.

Master Composter and Master Gardener Ryan Herring will be demonstrating the process for making both compost extract and compost tea, and he’ll explain uses of each in your home garden.

This fun, educational demonstration will run for the duration of the market — that is, from 3 to 7pm in the parking lot of Knox Presbyterian (806 W Knox) right in the heart of Emerson-Garfield. Stop by anytime during the market to learn how easy it is to make nutritious rocket fuel for your plants!

Compost Tea Class Flyer

The market is also into the second week of its brand new KERNEL pilot program for kids. This week’s activity deals with companion planting. Kids will get to take part in hands-on learning about how to pair certain plants (like tomatoes and basil) to deter garden pests or avoid competition for soil nutrients. Last week’s transplanting activity was so successful that the organizer ran out of zucchini starts!

See here for more market activities scheduled throughout July.

Since this is a grassroots market run by volunteers from the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council and an intern from Project Hope Spokane, there isn’t the budget to take out big newspaper ads or stage huge concerts. The market relies primarily on social media and word of mouth to let everyone know about its more than 20 vendors plus all the great musicians and activities it hosts. Please make a point to stop by and invite your friends, co-workers, family and neighbors!

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