Greening Grants: Street Trees on W Mansfield

Greening Grants: Street Trees on W Mansfield

As part of the City’s current round of Greening Grants, volunteers from the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council recently convened in Emerson Park and identified streets in the neighborhood that were lacking trees. One area that came up (and has come up at least once before) is West Mansfield.

The Office of Neighborhood Services and Spokane Urban Forestry pulled together some data that identified existing trees and showed where new trees might be planted. Those annotated maps are shown in the gallery below.

If you live or own property on the portions of W Mansfield depicted in these aerial views, you will likely have received a letter from the City with a return postcard allowing you to accept or decline the free Greening Grants street trees.

We encourage you to fill out the card and mail it back — preferably with your consent to plant! Like the letter says, these trees come at no cost to you. The only obligation is to water them sufficiently to get them established after planting.

The benefits of trees should be self-evident. They shade your house during oppressively hot weather like this. They act as a wind buffer in the winter. They beautify your street and even add value to your home. And they’ve even been shown to help slow speeding traffic. (Here’s a good rundown with these and other reasons.) So if you were on the fence before, we hope you’ll choose to plant and help green the neighborhood!

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