April Neighborhood Council Meeting Recap

April Neighborhood Council Meeting Recap

We’re a bit late in posting the recap of the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council meeting that took place on April 10 — but better late than never, right?

As always, what follows is the digested version of events. The full minutes from the meeting are available for download here.

The meeting began a bit late due to persons of the political persuasion speaking to the group prior to the official start of the meeting. There was a brief discussion about the absence of any business owners in our neighborhood attending the meeting and how we might get some business owners to attend. Chair Liorah Wichser announced that she spoke with the Adult Education Center on Monroe and Montgomery and they have offered the use of their parking lot for some as yet unknown E-G sanctioned event. Just something to keep in mind for the future.

Garbage Czar Karl Boldt reported that the Spring Cleanup is on schedule and planned for Saturday, April 27 from 9am–12:30pm. [Ed. note: The Spring Cleanup was held and went exceedingly well.] It will again be held at Faith Bible Church, located on Cora, just east of Post street. We will be accepting garbage, “clean green” yard waste, recyclables and used electronics. Karl does have a crew available to pick up garbage for anyone who is not able to do it themselves. Dump passes from whatever money is left over will be available at the October E-G Meeting.

Eline Helm is trying to coordinate some summer concert events in our parks. She would like to do one in Emerson and one in Corbin. It was the consensus of those at the meeting that she should try for one in Emerson in July and see how that goes. It is tentatively scheduled for the last Sunday in July, which would be the 28th.

Movie nights are on hold.

The Emerson Community Garden, located on Madison just south of Emerson Park, is planning another season and they are starting off with a work day on Saturday, April 20th from 1-4pm.

Paul Kimball also reported that he has been working with neighborhood kids who hang around the park and putting them to work where he can. He would like to know if people in the neighborhood need work done around their properties. This is an excellent learning opportunity for these kids who are otherwise kind of aimless and gives them a chance to learn some discipline and skills and earn a little money. Contact Paul on (509) 863-5133 if you want to help out.

The next item on the agenda was election of officers. Megan Kennedy offered herself for Vice Chair, Jay Cousins will remain as Community Assembly, and Stan Burke will stay on as Secretary. The only office with two candidates was for Chair. E.J. Iannelli and Tom Powell gave brief speeches outlining why they wanted the job. A silent ballot was taken and E.J. won.

Corbin Senior Center: The yard sale scheduled at Corbin Senior Center for May was canceled due to lack of interest. Corbin received a grant from Rotary Club 21 for $821.43 for installation of an additional door in the storeroom of the Henderson Room. Corbin had three laptop computers stolen for a loss of $1,799.97. Insurance reimbursed them minus the $500.00 deductable. Laptops or iPads will be purchased to replace the missing items. Corbin is partnering with Lions Club for a breakfast on Saturday, April 27 from 8:30 to 11. So before you dump your garbage, have a hearty breakfast at Corbin. The Golf Scramble is coming June 21 at Indian Canyon.

New business: We have two high school interns available to us to develop our social media presence. STA held an open house prior to the evenings meeting which E.J. attended. They are trying to let the public know about the changes they are planning for routes. Molly Meyers from STA will be at our May meeting.

Neighborhood Planning: The Neighborhood Planning Committee has four members and they are proceeding as best they can. Jay Cousins reported that the Dept. of Neighborhood Services is offering adjacent neighborhoods the opportunity to pool their money in order to help create goals and policy statements but Jay has been unable to find an adjacent neighborhood interested in planning.

Nonprofit formation: Liorah reported that in order to form a nonprofit, we need board members; some of them will require some expertise. It will be almost essential to have a lawyer as a board member. Therefore, if you are a lawyer, or are thinking about becoming one, consider volunteering for this board!

Community Assembly: Jay had some questions to ask to find out the consensus of our group concerning proposed changes to the on street parking ordinance. Currently, the ordinance states that cars must be moved after 12 hours. The choices for the new change are to extend it to 24 hours, make it one business day with weekends excluded, or a designated time with weekends and holidays excluded. By a show of hands, the majority chose one business day with weekends excluded. Jay will report that to the Assembly.

Next Jay asked about the group’s desires for the next upcoming street bond. The group tied between street upgrades being curb to curb, meaning just the areas of the street from curb to curb being repaved and complete streets, which involves improvements to the street, the sidewalks, the parking strips and swales where needed.

Community Development: Sarah Kimball reported that 29 spots for sidewalk repair have been identified. That repair work will begin soon and continue until they run out of money. Not all spots will be repaired. The new playground equipment will soon be installed at Emerson.

Finally, Liorah presented two new official positions for the Emerson-Garfield committee. One is the Community Development Representative, which we have but is not listed in our bylaws, and the other is a Treasurer position. A motion was made to accept the new positions as written. The motion was seconded and passed without further discussion.

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