Materials for the May 8 EGNC Meeting

Materials for the May 8 EGNC Meeting

This month’s Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council Meeting will take this coming Wednesday, May 8. As usual, it will start at 7pm and be held at the Corbin Senior Center.

Materials for the meeting (agenda, minutes for approval) are available from the Downloads page. Or, even more conveniently, you can just download them here:

This meeting promises to be packed with info. Cecile from Heart of Spokane, who had to cancel last month for health reasons, is going to talk about developments in the N. Monroe business district and their plans for the upcoming Girls Day Out event.

Molly Myers of the Spokane Transit Authority will also be on hand to discuss the STA’s Moving Forward initiative and proposed improvements to the N. Monroe corridor. This is a topic of considerable interest for residents and business owners alike. Molly’s presentation will give you a chance to get all the necessary info and ask pertinent questions.

We’ll also be getting additional details about the results of last month’s Spring Cleanup, neighborhood planning, and finalizing summer events like concerts in the park.

And please remember that this isn’t some secret cabal. Everyone who lives, works, or owns property in Emerson-Garfield is encouraged to attend!

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