Results of the 2013 Spring Cleanup

Results of the 2013 Spring Cleanup

“Garbage Czar” Karl Boldt reports that Emerson-Garfield had a great turnout at yesterday’s Spring Cleanup.

The event served about 170 residences, primarily from W Montgomery Ave northwards, and with pretty consistent representation from both the east and west of N Monroe. Karl estimates that 23 tons of refuse was collected along with two tons of clean green. The 20-yard metal recycling bin was also full by the time collection ended at 12:30pm.

The neighborhood had $6,000 in dump costs allocated to the event; overall between $4,600 and 5,000 of that money was used. Around 20 people have signed up for the large furniture pickup that will take place in June (more info on that is in the Spring Cleanup post linked above).

Karl will have more details on the results of the event at the upcoming neighborhood council meeting on Wednesday, May 8.

Thanks to Faith Bible Church for providing a location, and thanks to all the volunteers who helped in many different capacities!

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