Add to Your Neighborhood’s Profile at Shaping Spokane

Add to Your Neighborhood’s Profile at Shaping Spokane

The City’s Planning Department is asking for your input on neighborhood histories and identities.

To take part, visit the interactive map at and use the icons to mark the things and places in your neighborhood that you consider noteworthy. By filling out the Q&A-style text fields on the My Neighborhood Story page, you can enter more in-depth information. You’re not obligated to answer every question. Just pick and choose what topics are important to you and write about them.

Your response will help build a more complete neighborhood profile that identifies what you and your neighbors value most about where you live, work, shop and play. With the community’s help and input, will showcase each of Spokane’s 27 neighborhoods and help establish policies for land use, transportation, parks, open spaces, shopping, dining, entertainment and employment.

The idea, or so we’ve been told, is that these profiles will be integrated into the City’s Comprehensive Plan to offer a bit of crowdsourced background and give developers a sense of the neighborhoods in which they’re building.

The more responses they get, the better and more complete the profile will be. So feel free to pass along the links to your neighbors and share them on social media.

And to show your true neighborhood pride, once you’re done with the virtual component, come out to support and participate in all the great neighborhood activities like the Greek Food Festival at Holy Trinity Church (September 25-27), Craftwalk (September 26), the Korean Food Sale at Spokane Hope Christian Reformed Church (September 26), and the Corbin Senior Center Auction (September 27).

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