Spokane Public Schools Levy – Feedback Requested

Spokane Public Schools Levy – Feedback Requested

A representative from Spokane Public Schools (SPS) attended our December 2023 EGNC meeting to present information about the replacement levy and bonds which were on the February special election ballot. SPS is now requesting levy and bond feedback.

From SPS:

Thank you for hosting a presentation on the bond and levy in the leadup to the Feb., 13 special election. Spokane Public Schools is grateful for your time, and we appreciate the insights you shared.

We’re also grateful to voters for approving the Educational Programs and Operation Levy. While the school facility bond initiative received 55.9% approval, it did not meet the 60% threshold to pass.

To help us understand community thoughts about the bond, we’re encouraging residents to participate in this brief, anonymous survey.

The answers will assist us as we look for ways to address the continuing needs of school facilities in a manner that aligns with public feedback.

If you have any questions, please contact us using Let’s Talk, or reach out to Communications Director Ryan Lancaster at Ryanla@spokaneschools.org.

Thank you.

-Spokane Public Schools

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