Snow Season 2019

Snow Season 2019

It is heading toward snow season again. The City of Spokane created a great resource page for residents that includes a real-time snow removal map, plowing procedures, parking and sidewalks information, and additional resources.

Don’t forget that snow season is November 15 – March 15. Citizens are asked to park on the odd side of the street in residential areas for the entire snow season.

The City is asking citizens to clear a 36-inch path to allow pedestrians to travel effectively, with a goal of completion by 9 a.m. after a snowfall. Citizens are asked to clear ADA ramps and to clear a pedestrian path even if no sidewalk exists. Seniors or disabled individuals who can’t maintain their own sidewalks can call 3-1-1 to get information on available volunteer services.

Also, view this presentation for more helpful information.

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