Need Help Hauling on Spring Cleanup?

Need Help Hauling on Spring Cleanup?

If you can’t come to Spring Cleanup this Saturday (April 27), there’s a chance that Spring Cleanup could come to you!

A group of volunteers from North Central High School and Cub Scouts from Pack 151 are going to be doing on-site collection — which means they will come to your home and haul away the refuse that you’re unable to bring to the roll-off containers at Faith Bible Church.

If you or someone you know — a housebound or disabled neighbor, for example — is in need of on-site collection, please contact coordinator Karl Boldt at or (509) 325-3031 and schedule an on-site collection.

Keep in mind that the volunteers’ time and manpower is limited, though, so be sure to reserve a spot on the list by calling today.

For additional info about this year’s Spring Cleanup event, see our previous post here.

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