Police & Community Forum on Nov. 17

Police & Community Forum on Nov. 17

bridging-the-gapAll are welcome to attend a Police & Community Forum on November 17, at 6 pm, at East Central Community Center, 500 S. Stone St.  Its purpose is to create an opportunity for dialogue between law enforcement and the community and to build trust.

The evening begins with panel discussion. Panels are made up of community members and law enforcement (both Spokane Police and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office) employees. Later, everyone breaks into small groups to discuss. The small-group discussion allows for better dialogue and more personal interactions. Panel members stay afterward to talk to people who have more questions/concerns.

The forums have been very helpful in opening up dialogue. Participant comments were overwhelmingly positive for all the forums, especially since the addition of small-group discussion. At the most recent forum, 82% agreed that the event helped build their trust. 89% of participants agreed that the event gave the community a chance to be heard.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend. Please feel free to share this information with others.

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