Neighborhood Council Meeting Tomorrow

Neighborhood Council Meeting Tomorrow

The Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council meets tomorrow (June 13) at the Corbin Senior Center [map] at 7pm.

What’s on the agenda for June? Among other things, we’re going to talk about this website and other grassroots communication efforts like Twitter and Facebook, issues with our parks and streets, and recap what happened at the Corbin Park Yard Sale last weekend as well as last night’s town hall meeting.

We’ll also hear from the ad hoc parks subcommittee and vote on how to allocate $21,000 in park funds. Repair cracks in Corbin’s tennis courts? Build a swing set in Emerson? Show up and become a voting member to have a say!

You can download the full agenda here as a PDF.

Also remember that the neighborhood planning meeting will take place one hour before the start of the EGNC meeting (i.e., at 6pm) in the same building.

The planning meeting has a hefty agenda of its own. We’ll be addressing how to use the demographic data provided by EWU, the results of our ongoing surveys, the October issues/solutions workshop (this will be a big event, so stay tuned), and shifting the planning meeting dates to avoid conflicts with EGNC meeting times.

That agenda is available for download here as a PDF.

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