Neighborhood Clean-up Program 2020 Update

Neighborhood Clean-up Program 2020 Update

The 2020 Neighborhood Clean-Up program will be comprised of a Dump Passes program. These Dump Passes are to help residents in the City of Spokane remove extra waste by distributing $20 vouchers to the Waste to Energy Facility. The program is set to begin in June and will last until program funding is expended.

Dump Passes are being distributed in a tiered system, meaning:

  • Lowest income areas in the City will receive their Dump Pass postcards first, before moving to middle and lastly higher income areas. They are using Census tract data to determine how households are categorized. (484 households in Emerson-Garfield have received or will receive a dump pass throughout June and July.)
  • There will be a 13 day time-frame in which the Dump Pass is valid to use. The 13 day period listed is the only time that Dump Pass is valid for use.
  • Once funds are expended, the program will stop mailing Dump Passes.
  • Requests for Dump Passes will not be fulfilled. The City is unable to answer questions regarding when you can expect to receive your Dump Pass. Residents will receive them in the mail 5-7 days in advance of the first day they are valid for use, giving residents enough time to plan for their trip to the Waste to Energy Facility.

For more information, visit the City’s Neighborhood Clean-Up Program web page.

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