Materials for the Sep 9 E-G Neighborhood Council Meeting

Materials for the Sep 9 E-G Neighborhood Council Meeting

After a relaxing summer of concerts, potlucks and markets, the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council is back in full swing for its September meeting tomorrow (WednesdaySeptember 9) at 6pm in the Corbin Senior Center (827 W Cleveland).

The tentative agenda includes news on the autumn Residential Tree Program (free trees!), Community Development Block Grants, traffic-calming projects and the rash of citywide crime, plus a guest speaker and the Alliance to Protect Local Jobs explaining why his group is opposing Prop1 on the November ballot. Judith Gilmore of the Fulcrum Institute will also be providing a brief update on the Ash Street Workforce Training Station. This is all fairly meaty and interesting stuff, so please make a point to attend, get informed, and be heard.

The EGNC welcomes newcomers! Whether you’ve just moved into the neighborhood or you’ve lived in Emerson-Garfield your entire life, we encourage you to drop in and see what the neighborhood council is all about. The EGNC is nonpartisan and maintains a friendly, open-minded atmosphere regardless of individual political affiliation.

If you’ve got a tablet or a smartphone, please help keep our printing expenses low and download the materials as PDFs:

[EDIT: One member has helpfully sent a link to the current CompStat figures from the Spokane Police Department, which should be useful when discussing crime with Capt. Traci Ponto at the September 9 meeting. Download them as a PDF here.]

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. If you’d like to RSVP on Facebook and proclaim your attendance to the world, please do so on the meeting’s event page. You can also do so on Nextdoor.

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