Materials for the November 13 EGNC Meeting

Materials for the November 13 EGNC Meeting

The Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council meets tomorrow (WednesdayNovember 13) at 7pm in the Corbin Senior Center. If you live, work or own property in Emerson-Garfield, please attend and take an active role in improving the neighborhood.

This meeting is a biggie. There will be one guest speaker, Jamie Borgan of Transitions, who will describe what their organization did with the Community Development Block Grant funding our neighborhood allocated to them last year.


After Jamie’s presentation, we’ll get right down to the nitty gritty of allocating our 2014 Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). This funding totals $57,274 and can be used to fund sidewalks, home rehabilitation, capital development (i.e., brick-and-mortar) projects, and some nonprofits’ operations needs. Spokane is unique to the whole country in that the city relies on direct input from the individual neighborhoods on how this federal funding should be allocated. Let’s not take that opportunity for granted.

This year the EGNC has an additional $10,756.04 due to returned or redirected allocations from 2013. This is above and beyond the $57k mentioned above and can be used to fund a capital project of our choosing. Combined with some other money, it could result in a neighborhood gateway, a pedestrian crosswalk, or something else altogether.

Download the November 13 agenda and minutes for approval here:

And here’s the last reminder on this subject: In September the EGNC voted to end future monthly mailings to voting members. This means that you will no longer receive print copies of the materials in the post as has been customary in the past. Instead, you will have to download the agenda and minutes here on this blog or pick up one of the limited print copies that will be available at the meeting.

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