Free Training Workshops – League of Women Voters’ Speak Up School – February 15 and 20, 2021

Free Training Workshops – League of Women Voters’ Speak Up School – February 15 and 20, 2021

The League of Women Voters of the Spokane Area (LWVSA) will be hosting a 2-afternoon free training workshop called Speak Up School to encourage a wide range of people to testify at open meetings held by the Washington State Commission on Redistricting later in 2021. Speak Up School will share tools to help participants find their own voice and build effective, personal testimony.


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Redistricting – redrawing district lines for legislative and congressional districts – occurs every ten years following the Census. This critical process impacts all voters by determining who they can vote for to represent them in their state and national governments. The 2021 Washington State Redistricting Commission will be hosting public input meetings during the spring and fall of 2021 in every congressional district.

In the past, public testimony at these hearings has not been effective at compelling commissioners to take action. The League of Women Voters would like to change this in 2021 to ensure ALL voices are heard regarding this critical state action.

Importantly, LWVSA envisions another benefit of Speak-up School. As part of their mission to “Empower Voters. Defend Democracy,” they strongly support active civic engagement and believe the skills gained in this training will provide long-term benefit to the public when they testify to different municipal and state government committees and commissions.

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