Feedback Requested – Proposed Changes to Bike Network Map

Feedback Requested – Proposed Changes to Bike Network Map

The City of Spokane is working on amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

Give your feedback on the Bike Network Map amendments.

The City is currently seeking comments from the public on all nine proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan. If you would like to comment on the proposal, please submit your comments here:

Kevin Freibott
Department of Neighborhood and Planning Services
City of Spokane
808 W Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, WA 99201

You can also submit comments via email to

Regardless of whether you mail or email your comments, please include the application number Z20-019COMP in your comment. Please note that comments are due by August 7 if you want to be sure the Plan Commission considers them before their Hearing (not yet scheduled).

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