Electronic Speed Limit Signs Appear

Electronic Speed Limit Signs Appear

Electronic speed limit signs like the one below have appeared on the 1200/1300 blocks of W Mansfield and W Montgomery.

Electronic speed limit sign on Mansfield

They don’t seem to have been put into operation since they were first spotted on Friday, August 31, but the ID tags certainly indicate that they’re there on behalf of the City of Spokane. We’re assuming that they mark the first step of a traffic-calming study for these two busy cut-throughs, although we won’t be certain until we receive official word from the city (and that likely won’t come until after Labor Day).

Have you recently seen one of these (or something like it) on your block in Emerson-Garfield?

In what might be related news, someone in a DayGlo orange vest with a clipboard has been seen counting trees that fall within the city right-of-way in the southwest corner of our neighborhood. It seems to be just an administrative procedure, and not because there are plans to claim the right-of-way for development.

Please get in touch or leave a comment if you have any additional information on either of these matters.

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