E-G Farmers’ Market Signs Are Here!

E-G Farmers’ Market Signs Are Here!

Now we need help making sandwich boards for them!

If you have some extra plywood and/or a spare hour or two, we’d like your help. We need to make three separate 2.5′ x 4′ sandwich boards to accommodate the “pointing” vinyl roadside signs pictured below, which will simply be affixed to the front.

EGFM sandwich sign

Let us know if you’re able to help out by using the contact form, or simply drop us a line via e-mail. This is a grassroots operation, and it’s going to take grassroots support to get it up and running. Don’t be shy about stepping forward to donate or volunteer a tiny fraction of your time or materials!

The official press release for the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market has also gone out. If you’re a media-type person who can help spread the word, please download it here as a PDF.

Quarter-page flyers for the market are 99% ready too. In the coming days we’ll be printing and distributing them around the neighborhood (and that means to residents, businesses and churches). We put out an earlier call for some help and some wonderful folks put their names forward — but we could still use a few more feet on the ground. If you’re interested in putting a little bit of time to get flyers into people’s hands — maybe at your own church or workplace? — please e-mail us.

Oh, and big credit to Bri Musser, who created the logo design for the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market. It was sort of deconstructed for this vertical implementation, but the 6′ horizontal banner shows it in all its glory.

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