Submit Your 2015 Traffic-Calming Requests

Submit Your 2015 Traffic-Calming Requests

Are there speeding cars on your street? Do you know of a road that’s dangerous to cross on foot because drivers can’t see pedestrians or are reluctant to stop for them?

Those are situations that sometimes call for traffic-calming measures. These can include  roundabouts (aka traffic circles), chicanes, bump outs, crosswalks and other improvements.

The Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council is soliciting traffic-calming requests for 2015. All you have to do is go to the City traffic-calming page and download the residential or arterial traffic-calming form depending on where you’d like to see the proposed improvement. The application itself is fairly self-explanatory and straightforward.

If you want some examples and ideas of the options available to you (for example, speed bumps are generally discouraged because of snow plowing), take a look at this comprehensive traffic-calming toolbox document (PDF link). That has pictures as well as the pros and cons of different solutions.

Once you’ve filled out the application, bring it to the next Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council meeting on Wednesday, February 11, starting at 6pm in the Corbin Senior Center (827 W Cleveland). The EGNC will then review it, vote on it, adjust any details and finally submit the top two requests to the City for consideration prior to the general March 2 deadline. That means you have just under one month.

Unsure what to ask for or how to fill out the application? The City is hosting a helpful traffic-calming workshop next Wednesday, January 21 from 6 to 7:30pm at the West Central Community Center (1603 N Belt).

Feel free to pose any questions in the comments below or get in touch with the E-G Neighborhood Council through our contact form.

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2 thoughts on “Submit Your 2015 Traffic-Calming Requests

  1. I live on the 900 block of W. Jackson. We have several businesses located on our street. The traffic is heavy and for the most part a problem when combined with semi’s, school buses, and delivery vehicles that have little or not regard for the resident population. I have complained to semi drivers after not being able to make a turn into my drive way because the truck was so on top of me that I could not safely turn. His comment to me was I saw you. This is at the intersection of Lincoln and Jackson. I don’t know where this and other large vehicles are coming from. They are mainly in the area servicing businesses. The school buses are not here because of students in the area. None of the above slow their speed at the intersections or within the area.

  2. Connie, we’d advise you to take a look at that traffic-calming toolbox linked in the post above. It has some common solutions to different types of traffic situations — along with the pros and cons of each method. Then fill out a traffic-calming application (also linked in the post) that best suits the situation on your street.

    As for the semis and delivery vans, our guess is that they’re servicing the Napa auto parts store at the end of your road. The school buses are a bit of a mystery.

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