Spate of Emerson-Garfield Vehicle Thefts

Spate of Emerson-Garfield Vehicle Thefts

Spokane Police badgeCrime analysts in the Spokane Police Department have spotted an emerging trend of vehicle thefts in the Emerson-Garfield area over the last two days. Some stats:

  • Vehicles have been targeted between midnight and 3am
  • The target area is between Jefferson and Normandie (west/east); Knox and Boone (north/south)
  • Targeted vehicles are primarily ’90s sedans, with Hondas being half of the reported stolen vehicles

The Spokane Police Department is reminding citizens to lock car doors to help prevent these types of crimes from occurring. Another basic theft prevention measure is to use your garage instead of parking on the street. And if you’re part of a Neighborhood Watch group, now’s the time to notify your members and keep them on the alert.

If you see a crime in progress, please call 911. If you are reporting a crime that has already occurred, please call Crime Check at 456-2233.

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