Public Planning Event Wrap-Up

Public Planning Event Wrap-Up

Graduating EWU urban planning students present neighborhood maps and statistics.

The public planning open house that took place last night saw participation from Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council members, students from Eastern Washington University, the North Monroe Business Association, the City of Spokane — and perhaps most importantly, the residents and business/property owners of Emerson-Garfield neighborhood.

Attendees were able to hear EWU students present data they had compiled from census information as well as feet-on-the-ground observation. They talked about sidewalk coverage, walkability, preferred modes of transportation, vacant lots, and more. (This website will be presenting their findings in a forthcoming series of short posts.)

The students then fielded questions from the audience. And when they lacked an answer, city officials were on hand to offer information.

Attendees were also able to take two new online surveys that are designed to collect feedback about Emerson-Garfield’s present challenges and future direction.

This was the first public event of the neighborhood’s latest planning efforts. If you have feedback about the event, or if you didn’t make it but would like to know more, please contact us. We’re also looking for stakeholders to take part in the planning process — the only thing you need is a bit of free time and a desire to improve your neighborhood!

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