Photos Needed for 2014 Spokane Neighborhood Calendar

Photos Needed for 2014 Spokane Neighborhood Calendar

This is your last chance to submit photos for the 2014 Community Assembly Spokane Neighborhood Calendar!

The Office of Neighborhood Services is still looking for more photographs for next year’s calendar, but they need them submitted by Tuesday, October 1. This call is open to anyone who would like to submit a photo.

Requirements for Photos:

  • Photos must be neighborhood-centric (no iconic Spokane pictures such as Riverfront Park, Monroe St. Bridge, etc.). This calendar aims to represent the different neighborhoods that exist in the City of Spokane.
  • Photos must be 3300×2550 DPI and taken with a camera with no fewer than 8 megapixels.
  • The image may be digitally enhanced/created by the photographer.
  • Please no cellphone photos unless it is 8 megapixels or more.
  • Hard copy photos must be submitted at the size of 5×7 inch, no smaller.

If you are taking a photo of a specific person and would like a permission form, one can be provided to you. If you are taking a photo in a public place and people are in it, it is not necessary to get permission from the persons in the photo.

Digital photos can be e-mailed to For info on how and where to submit a hard copy photo, please send a request to the same e-mail address.

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