Meet Your Neighbors: Mary Charbonneau

Meet Your Neighbors: Mary Charbonneau

How did we miss this?

Last year Emerson-Garfield resident Mary Charbonneau won the Peirone Prize as part of The Inlander’s Give Guide, the alt-weeky’s annual philanthropy issue in which they highlight people who are making things better here in the Inland Northwest.

The paper featured a long profile of Mary and her work with Washington Bassett Rescue.

Mary Charbonneau

Mary is a familiar face at neighborhood council meetings, neighborhood events, and even (or especially) in the virtual ‘hood on our Facebook page.

What’s even cooler is that Mary isn’t the only one in the neighborhood who has been highlighted by the Give Guide for making a difference. In 2011, Brent and Amy Hendricks, who run Global Neighborhood Thrift here in E-G, won the same philanthropic prize, which was accompanied by a similar profile writeup in the paper.

Now in its third year, the Give Guide is once again calling for nominations of deserving individuals for the Peirone Prize. Whether it’s education, social action, the environment, animal welfare, or community gardening, they want to know who to recognize when it comes to people generating positive change in our community.

So send the full names of your nominations, their ages (if you know them), and a sentence or two explaining why you think they deserve recognition to by no later than Thursday, August 1.

And who knows — maybe Emerson-Garfield will be represented three years out of three!

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