E-G “Greening Grant” Tree Plantings (Apr 4)

E-G “Greening Grant” Tree Plantings (Apr 4)

It’s time for our neighborhood to plant the trees and landscaping awarded by our successful 2014 Greening Grant applications. Devotees of Emerson-Garfield news and beautification efforts will recall that this is a rescheduling of the planting event that was cancelled last autumn on account of an early freeze.

This neighborhood-wide event will take place on SaturdayApril 4 from 9am to 1pm.

Please note that there are two simultaneous locations on either side of the neighborhood! Volunteers are needed for both. Anyone who wants to help beautify Emerson-Garfield is welcome to participate.

N_Maple-tree-planting-2014-171 (crop)

The first planting is on the east side of Garfield Elementary (222 W Knox) next to the playground. This is part of a larger “guerrilla” tree planting up and down the length of Atlantic and one block of Stevens — dubbed “guerrilla” because the original plan was to have volunteers plant a tree for anyone who wanted it right there on the spot. But Spokane Urban Forestry doesn’t work that way. Which is probably for the best, since the trees should be planted with professional care to ensure their longevity.

Roughly 15 volunteers will be needed here to plant the trees in the ground and distribute mulch. It will be light physical labor for all ages and abilities. Feel free to bring tools like a wheelbarrow, shovel or rake.

Social media fans can RSVP for the Garfield planting on Facebook or Nextdoor.

The second planting is on the west side of Emerson-Garfield at the median strip near 3114 N Maple. Approximately 15 volunteers will be needed to move ten yards of soil to the holes, then plant yuccas and horizontal junipers around the existing trees and along the soon-to-be-installed sidewalks. As above, feel free to bring basic garden tools to help the effort.

You can RSVP for the N Maple planting on Facebook or Nextdoor.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wield a shovel or stay the full five hours to contribute. Bringing some cookies and drinks for the volunteers is as greatly appreciated as helping to put trees in the ground.

Questions? Leave a comment on social media, get in touch with the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council, or contact Alicia Powell at apowell@spokanecity.org or (509) 625-6780.

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