Disused Car Wash on NW Blvd

Disused Car Wash on NW Blvd

A W Carlisle resident has asked the neighborhood to draw its attention to the disused car wash on NW Boulevard:

Between the garbage being dumped there, the graffiti, and the fact that it is literally falling apart, I was wondering if there is anyone we could contact about cleaning it up or having it removed or something. Something, anything, needs to be done about this. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve seen shady activity there on the way to taking my kids to school each day, and I just feel it’s a public safety hazard, especially being so close to a school like that.

The property she’s referring to is pictured below.

Beyond simply pointing out the problem, she has also taken some initial steps to address it:

I contacted the city and got a reply back from Michelle Hecker of the Code Enforcement department. She is going to use my e-mails as a formal complaint and will hopefully be sending someone out to look it over. She also attached a PDF of complaint form, if anyone else would be interested in filling it out and filing a complaint as well that might help get things going faster.

That code enforcement complaint form can be downloaded here or on the Code Enforcement website.

Please support this effort by filling out the form to address this particular property (and any other properties that are in flagrant violation of code) and submitting it to Michelle at mhecker@spokanecity.org or Emerson-Garfield’s assigned code officer, Dan Poulson. He can be reached at dpolson@spokanecity.org or (509) 625-6066.

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