Citizen Code Enforcement Volunteers Needed

Citizen Code Enforcement Volunteers Needed

The Office of Neighborhood Services/Code Enforcement is currently accepting applications for Citizen Code Enforcement Volunteers.

Code Enforcement makes sure that all the niceties of neighborly living are maintained, even if there’s one party that doesn’t see why the niceties of neighborly living are necessary.

So, for example, Code Enforcement is what keeps your neighbors from erecting an 8-foot-high fence along your property while you’re away on vacation. When polite requests fail, it provides a route for reprimanding the homeowner with a dog that barks constantly. It’s a civilized, formal means of addressing the problem when one home on your block becomes a haven for junk, strange animals, fire hazards or late-night parties.

But the Code Enforcement team can’t be everywhere. That’s why they’re looking to train Citizen Code Enforcement Volunteers, who will be the “eyes on the streets” for Code Enforcement Officers. The volunteers will help identify code violations, and these violations will then be passed on to Code Enforcement Officers to perform further investigation.

Here’s what volunteers will be expected to do:

  • Identify code violations
  • Fill out Code Enforcement Violation forms on property owners
  • Take photos of violations if necessary
  • Act as a code enforcement liaison to neighborhood council and citizens
  • Be a witness in case of civil infraction or misdemeanor criminal charge is pursued
  • Must respect expectation of privacy as well as personal safety
  • Hand out dump pass and clean-up event material when there is a need

Yes, it has an air of Police Academy 4 about it, but upholding basic standards of consideration and community decency doesn’t automatically make you a tattletale or a busybody. Everyone wants to live in a pleasant neighborhood.

Interested? Download the background info and application pack here.

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