CDBG Capital Projects Training TONIGHT (Sep 15)

CDBG Capital Projects Training TONIGHT (Sep 15)

capital projectThere will be a training session tonight (Monday, September 15) for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for capital projects at the West Central Community Center (1600 N. Belt) from 5:30 to 7pm.

These capital projects— that is, physical constructions and improvements like street lighting, landscaping and building renovations — need to emphasize two things:

  1. Improve the quality of life for your neighborhood’s low- to moderate-income population
  2. Address blight, such as graffiti-covered, dilapidated or disused buildings

This is a great opportunity if you or the organization your represent would like to invest in large-scale improvements with a positive community impact but have not been able to source sufficient funding.

Anyone is welcome to make an application for projects on our neighborhood’s behalf, but all applications for such projects will need to be approved and signed by the chair of the E-G Neighborhood Council.

To better prepare for the training, application materials and instructions are available from the ONS website. For more information, you can also call Rod Minarik on (509) 625-6737.

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