Call for ideas on a neighborhood mural

Call for ideas on a neighborhood mural

There is an exciting annoucement from one of our neighborhood’s community resources, Fulcrum’s Ash Street Station. They will be the proud recipients of a mural to be painted on the north facing exterior wall. The Ash Street Station was selected by Gonzaga University’s Art Department, and the mural will be done in cooperation with Spokane Arts. Spokane Arts Supply will be donating art supplies and paint is being contributed via another project donor. What a great line-up of community partners coming together for a worthy project!art easel

Fulcrum’s Ash Street Station is offering the Emerson-Garfield neighborhood the opportunity to submit ideas for topics/themes that could be a part of the final design.

Anyone who wishes more information or who would like to submit any theme ideas for this mural, please contact:

Matt Hutchinson, Operations Administrator, Fulcrum Institute/Dispute Resolution Clinic 509-598-8983

Judith Gilmore, Community Resource Analyst, Fulcrum Institute/Dispute Resolution Clinic 509-327-5041

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